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Tech Air Tech Air was founded in 1935 as County Welding Products in White Plains, New York and was a distributor for the Linde Division of Union Carbide.

In 1977, Myles Dempsey, Sr., the former Chairman of Tech Air, worked as an acquisitions specialist for Linde. He was working on the purchase of County Welding Products but the company was near bankruptcy and badly in need of a turnaround so Dempsey, Sr. said to Linde President Jack McLean, “I don't have any money, but I think I can turn this business around.” McLean agreed to convert $200,000 in past-due trade receivables into a 10-year note and also threw in cash for the down payment. Along with seller financing, the purchase was made with zero dollars down – 100 % debt.

“Turn it around” is exactly what Dempsey, Sr. did. He had a vision, and through hard work and determination, turned his plans into reality. In 1995, the company consolidated the various identities of County Welding Products of White Plains, Connecticut Specialty Gas of Danbury and Peterson Welding Supply of Wappingers Falls into one overarching identity: Tech Air was born.

Tech Air continued to grow, expanding to five locations serving New York and Connecticut. The business also remained family run, so that the family values and principles stayed intact. To that end, Myles Dempsey, Jr. became President of Tech Air in 2001 and in 2007 succeeded his father as CEO, where he remains today.

Also in 2007, the company purchased the outstanding shares of Myles Dempsey, Sr. and established the Tech Air Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) through which employees beneficially owned more than 50% of the company stock.

But more growth was possible. So in 2011, Tech Air recapitalized and embarked on a strategy of growth by acquisition and integration called “buy-and-build”. Since then, Tech Air has completed eight acquisitions and now has operations from New England to California.

The high standardsoriginally put into place by Dempsey, Sr. are strengthened today. The company lives up to the Tech Air name by investing heavily in technology, while specializing in distribution of industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding equipment and supplies, gas handling equipment, and cryogenic equipment.

With advanced products and services such as micro bulk, cryo-storage systems, gas manifolds and piping, bulk system installations, and 100% bar-coded cylinder tracking Tech Air is able to provide the highest quality in products and systems for the bio-tech and high-tech markets of the region.

Today, the Tech Air companies operate22locations across the Continental U.S. And one of those locations is in White Plains, NY, where Tech Air traces its roots 75 years to the small, one-store operation known as County Welding Products.

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